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If you’re concerned your computer network isn’t keeping pace with your growth, and you want specific recommendations on how to bring your IT systems up to speed, then our IT Systems Audit & Technology Review is the perfect solution.

The IT Systems Audit & Technology Review is an on-site examination of your currently installed Equipment, Operating System(s) and application software. Equipment gets inspected individually, however regardless of any problems or opportunities no adjustments are made by the Engineer unless specifically requested. This policy ensures that any arrangements (or warranties) that are in place are not jeopardised in any way by the review.

Time constraints determine the depth of the Audit, and the number of machines reviewed. The review aims to provide independent recommendations for the modification/upgrade or repair of your existing computer systems. This is to resolve current inadequacies and provide scope for future system growth.  

At the end of the audit, we’ll compile a comprehension written report. This report provides an easy understanding of your current needs as well as providing sufficient information for a specialist vendor to quote for any equipment or services.  

We’ll present this report in person to all decision makers during a 60 to 90 minute meeting.  

You might be shocked at what we find!  

Many of our clients are shocked at what we find when we complete our “IT Systems Audit & Te&hnology Review”.  

For example, after a recent audit, the comprehensive report we gave the client listed all the problems and potential threats.  

From inadequate Cybersecurity protections to unreported drive failures in their server, and many things in-between, the client was shocked at what we found.  

And shocked at how vulnerable the practice really was.  

The client’s risk score was 94 out of a possible 100.  

No wonder this client was shocked.  

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